What is BBG?

BBG is the abbreviation frequently used to refer to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. It is the guide I have followed to get in shape after having my baby. It consists of resistence workouts (legs, arms, abs, full body) in addition to low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) and high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Do you only do BBG or do you do additional training?

BBG is really all you need! I did BBG for two years with no additional workouts and had great results. After two years I decided I wanted to really focus on building muscle and have added lifting to my routine. I currently do BBG workouts 3 days each week, yoga twice a week, and lift 3-4 days each week. 

How long did it take you to start seeing results?

Let me start by saying my body was very weak when I started. I had been very active running and teaching yoga up until I was 30 weeks pregnant. At that time I started having kidney problems related to the pregnancy and my doctor told me I needed to cool it and rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. This is when I started really gaining. There wasn't much I could do as I was forced into a sedentary lifestyle. So, that was my starting place. My muscles were weak, I was sore from giving birth and was 6 weeks postpartum. I saw small changes after 4 weeks, but, they were very small! It took about 8 weeks before I started seeing noticeable change. I know a lot of people see transformations and hope for defined abs after 12 weeks, I was one of those people, but that just wasn't how it worked out for me. My progress was MUCH slower. After 12 weeks I was still feeling dumpy and no where near my pre-pregnancy body. This is about the time I started my instagram account for motivation and accountability. Some of my very first posts are from 11 and 12 weeks into the guides so you can pop over to insta and scroll way way back if you'd like to see where I was at that point. It took me 3 rounds of the guides (36 weeks) before I felt like I was back to, roughly, my pre-pregnancy state. 

How much weight have you lost?

Honestly, this is the worst question! Mostly because the scale is completely worthless to me now. It took me a long time to break old habits of daily weigh in's and beating myself up over these arbitrary numbers. When I started bbg I was 146lbs at 6 weeks post baby. Pre-baby I had been a runner and calorie restrictor at 125lbs. Currently, I no longer calorie restrict and weigh 131lbs. I had my baby September 2014 and have not lost a single pound since July 2015 but my body has changed a TON since July. Don't let the numbers on the scale determine your progress. If I went solely by that I would have given up months ago. You body can change significantly with the scale staying the same. 

How tall are you?

I'm 5'5", thanks for asking. How tall are you?

What is your diet like?

Constantly evolving! When I started I was too overwhelmed being a new mom and just building up stength to actually do the guides that I felt I didn't have the ability to worry about diet too. So, my first 9 weeks I just tried my best. For me, that meant back to my old ways of calorie counting and restricting. Around week 9 I felt I had a better handle on the workouts and could look at my diet. I wanted to try something new so I bought Kayla's nutrition guide. I followed it strictly for 1-2 months. It was tricky for me because I was so used to the restricting mentality but I gave myself over to Kayla on this one. I ate what she said, when she said, in the amount she said, and you know what? It worked! I slowly started creating my own recipes that better suited my tastes that still fit Kayla's principles which was even better. I got to a place where I was comfortable with my body but I still wanted to see more change!

At that time I chatted with Kayla and she suggested I try increasing the amount I was eating. It seems counter-intuitive but it really helped. My progress had slowed because I wasn't properly fueling for the intensity of my workouts now that I was stronger.

After upping my intake for a while I started feeling stagnant again and I thought it might be the balance of food I was eating. So I thought I'd play around with that a bit. This brought me to counting macros! I'm currently still trying this and am only a few weeks into my experiment so I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Do you work?

Yes, I do! So I know what it's like to be time poor! I have a Bachelor's degree in chemistry and work in biotech, specifically cancer genetics. I love my job, so no, I don't want to join Herbal Life. Thanks though!

Where do you teach yoga?

Currently I only teach corporate yoga. With my schedule being as busy as it's all I really have time for. However, once the weather is a bit more consistent here in Utah I'm hoping to teach an outdoor yoga class for anyone who wants to come! I'll announce on insta once I can figure out a time/place/potential sound system. I may just have to shout at you guys!