10 ways mamas can balance work, family, and everything else!


As a mama working full time, commuting, bouncing kids between two different childcare situations in different cities each day, while managing this little insta/blog, things can get CRAZY! I’ve found that there are a few things that make a huge difference in my time, stress level, and life in general and I want to share those with you today!

I truly believe that we don’t have to limit ourselves and we can do everything we want to in our lives!

1. Let go of guilt

This one is absolutely the hardest for me, however, guilt is totally unproductive! Instead of beating yourself up because you're not with your kids, remind yourself of how your job is benefiting your family. You're providing for your kiddos, you're showing them what it means to work hard, and you're showing them that women are smart, capable, responsible, and independent which is definitely something we need more of!

2. Be present

This one is tough too but, wherever you are, be all there. Make sure you're being fully present and make full use of the time you've dedicated to the things that are important to you. For example, if you've made time for the gym don't waste precious minutes looking at your phone, make that time count! If you're with you kids, put your phone away and really engage. I've started a practice for 2019 where I try to put my phone away from the time I get home until the kids go to bed.

3. Find good childcare

It’s so important as a mama to know your kids are happy, safe, and cared for. Don't settle, take the time to find a childcare situation that feels right! I plan to share more soon about how our childcare is shifting so stay tuned!

4. Create a morning routine

Nothing is worse than stating the day frazzled. Create a routine that allows you to start your day in a productive and expected way. For me thats getting ready while the kids are asleep and the husband is at the gym, packing my gym bag, packing lunches/diaper bag, spending a bit of time with the kids after they wake up, and heading out the door to hit the gym before I start my work day.

5. Have a digital calendar, shopping list, and to-do list

Aaron and I schedule everything we have going on in our icalendar and share the events to each other with reminders so things don't slip through the cracks. Additionally, we have shared notes on our phones for shopping and to-dos so as we move through our week we're more efficient! Anytime we run out of something it goes into the app, if someone stops at the store, our needs are already there so we're not making as many trips.

6. Communicate with those around you

I think sometimes we feel like everything is on us and we don't ask for help or bring anyone else in which is never ideal. Talk to your husband, family, employer, etc. Let them know what you have going on, if you're feeling overwhelmed, if you could use some help or accommodations. This is huge for me being able to take on as many things as I do.

7. Limit distractions

Your time is limited, you know this, so try not to allow time-wasters to take away time you'd rather dedicate elsewhere. Reduce TV watching to engage with your family, limit social media time by setting notifications for the accounts you really like so you don't waste time on things you find less interesting, make notes using siri or listen to audio books on your commute, etc.

8. Schedule activities

When life is busy, it's great to have little things to look forward to. Scheduling fun activities for the kids, vacations, trips the the museum, a ski day, etc. gives everyone something to be excited about and helps ensure you decompress frequently.

9. Make time for your spouse

With so much going on it can be easy to disconnect. We definitely find sometimes we get so caught up in the momentum of life we don’t take enough time to connect with each other. Make time to do things together, even if it's just trying a new recipe together or putting on a movie for the kids so you can talk for an hour. Date nights are great, but if that’s not possible, get creative! It's important.

10. Recharge

Manage your energy. Schedule gym time, yoga classes, a bubble bath, an hour to read, etc. It's so important to take time to take care of yourself so you can be your best in all other aspects of your life. A happy relaxed wife/mama/human that didn't fold the laundry is much better than a stressed angry one who has clean sheets.

We can be so hard on ourselves and it's so easy to say "oh I can't do that because I don't have time", but in reality I think we impose those walls around ourselves.

We are capable of so much!  Be limitless.