Tasty Turkey Burger

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These burgers are one of our favorite meals because it's lean, clean, and you can adapt it to how much time you have available to cook! When time or macros are short, we go with pre-made turkey patties from Costco, if we have a bit more time we create our own patties seasoned the way we like. I've included macros for both the homemade and pre-made patties for you here.

Homemade Patty Ingredients (makes ~5 patties):

25 oz Ground Turkey

8 Tbsp Egg white

1 cup Parmesan cheese

0.5 cup Brown rice flour

1 Tbsp Fresh parsley

1 Tbsp chopped garlic

1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce


In large bowl, combine the ground turkey, egg white, parmesan cheese, fresh parsley, garlic and brown rice flour. Mix by hand until all ingredients are fully incorporated. After mixing, create patties by mashing small balls of meat together and collect on wax paper. I typically make 4-5 patties with 25 oz of ground turkey.

Grill patties on a charcoal grill or pan grill. I prefer the charcoal or gas grill for the added flavor; however, be mindful of the fat content of your ground turkey. A lean meat may adhere to your grill and may require you to spray the grill with some olive oil cooking spray before cooking.


Suggested Toppings:

Whole wheat thin-sliced burger bun

Slice cheese

Red onion



Bacon (add fat to listed macros)





Macros for homemade patties:

60g Protein

39g Carbs

30g Fat


Macros for homemade patties:

39g Protein

26g Carbs

321g Fat

*note: macros summary only includes the patty, cheese, and bun. It does not include condiments or toppings as suggested above.