Thai Chicken Macro Bowl with Spicy Peanut Sauce

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Macro bowls are such a great way to get in a balance of nutrients. I also love how quick and easy they can be. I like to make rice and toppings on Sunday and store them in separate tupperwares so I can quickly throw a bowl together whenever I need throughout the week. They make meal prep simple which is the best way to stay on track when things get busy!

Bowl Ingredients (2 bowls):

Pre-soaked skewers

1-2 chicken breasts

1/2 cup short grain brown rice (uncooked)

1/2 bundle of asparagus chopped

1/2 red bell pepper diced

1 broccoli crown chopped

1 carrot diced

4 chicken skewers (you can buy pre-cooked West End Cuisine chicken skewers at Costco to save time)

Spicy Peanut Sauce Ingredients:

1 tsp red chilli flakes

1/2 tsp rice vinegar

1 tsp agave or honey

1/4 tsp yellow curry powder

1/4 tsp finely minced garlic

3 Tbsp PBFit peanut butter powder

2 Tbsp water



Add brown rice and 1 cup water to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer until tender.

If you're making your own chicken skewers you'll want to start them now! Using skewers that have been soaked in water, add 60g of chicken to each skewer. Grill until internal temperature of chicken is 165 degrees F. 

Spray a  large wok with olive oil cooking spray then add asparagus, broccoli, red pepper, and carrots. Cook veggies until tender but still with a bit of a crunch!

While veggies are cooking mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl with a rubber spatula until blended. The final sauce should be thin enough it drips off a spoon. If the sauce is too thick, add a bit more water.

If using pre-cooked chicken skewers, heat them up in the microwave.


Combine 1/2 cup cooked rice with 2 cups veggies and chicken from 2 skewers. Top with 1/2 of your peanut sauce and enjoy!


30g Protein

54g Carbs

6.2g Fat