Baby Girl's Nursery

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I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing baby girl's (yeah, that's right, I'm still not name dropping yet) nursery! This room has come a loooooong way! We wanted the baby's room to be closest to ours, which meant moving Hudson to another bedroom. I really didn't want him to feel like he was getting kicked out or replaced with the new baby coming, so step 1 of preparing a nursery was preparing a new bedroom for Hudson. I'll have to create a separate post around what we did for that space, but once we got Hudson moved and settled into his new "super cool" room, it was time to start from scratch with his old one!

It was originally a deep grey-blue and, despite the fact that most every room in our house is painted some shade of grey, I convinced Aaron to let me paint the room a light soft grey. I settled on Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and Aaron prepped and painted the 3 coats it took to cover the previous color. I felt bad I couldn't help but with paint fumes, and my shifting center of gravity, he didn't trust me to be near the ladder or paint.

Venturing into the world of decorating for a girl was so different and exciting! I was fully embracing all things girly! Originally, I was dead set on putting a large watercolor floral vinyl wall print up. I'd fallen in love with one on Etsy, but it started getting complicated and expensive! Instead I decided to go with 3 large framed pictures instead. I purchased the printable images here, ordered poster-size prints, and framed them in simple white IKEA frames.



Along with scraping my vinyl wall print idea, I'd actually bought a cute white net canopy I'd planned to hang over the crib. I made a wreath out of flowers to sit over the top of the canopy and was so excited about it! Unfortunately, as we started setting up furniture I just couldn't find a way to make it work. Everywhere we tried it in the room, it just looked off! Also, Aaron was convinced the baby was going to grab it and get tangled in it at some point so we decided against using it. I still wanted to make use of the flower wreath though so I came up with the idea to use it as a mobile. The lovely Melissa of @twig.n.twine was able to create this perfect custom macrame suspension for me! So happy with how it turned out.



I still had my crib from when Hudson was a baby (I highly discourage anyone from purchasing a crib with an attached changing table, it NEVER got used and just takes up too much space) and found a dresser that matched perfectly I purchased second hand. I plan to use the dresser as a changing table and love all the storage it gives me!

I really wanted a soft fluffy rug that baby could lay and play on but also wanted something that was a bit unique, not just a standard rectangle. I needed something fairly large for the space so I was thrilled when I found this faux sheepskin rug from So many faux sheepskins I found were tiny! This one was even larger than what I needed and makes the space so much more cozy!

My rocker is actually just this simple IKEA chair, but I had Aaron buy, stain, and add rocking chair runners to it so I could have a pretty wingback rocker without paying $1000+ for it!  He killed it!


With Hudson's nursery I really loved incorporating pieces that had some memories and love behind them. We had handmade trucks from Aaron's grandpa, a wooden metal-wheeled skateboard that was my dad's when he was young, a crib bumper and skirt one of my best friends sewed for him, and crochet plushies I made myself. I wanted baby girl to have some meaningful pieces too! I crocheted her some plushies as well, but what I'm really proud of is this pouf ottoman! I ran out of yarn when I was just over halfway done and it took me 2 weeks to find more that matched! Surprisingly, the most difficult part was figuring out how and what to stuff it! I wanted it to have some structure so it's filled with a rolled up king-size pillow, a bit of poly-fill, and 5lbs of shredded memory foam. I loooove how it turned out. The swirling lines from the center on top were actually an accident but I love the unique look it created. The pattern I modified can be found here, and, it's free! 


When I was going through boxes of Hudson's old baby things I stumbled onto a box of intricate crocheted bedding, faaaaaar beyond my skill (and patience) level, that Aaron's Swedish Great Aunt had made. The crochet pillow on the rocker and in the crib and the blanket in the basket were made by her. I was also thrilled when I found this beautiful bed skirt she'd made that worked perfect for the crib


We also found the perfect first toy, which is currently sitting in baby's crib waiting for her, Charlottle the dog from Cuddle + Kind. Not only does it fit the style of her room perfectly, I just love what this company is doing! Every doll is hand-crafted by women in Peru providing them with a sustainable income and in addition 10 meals are donated to a child in need for every doll purchased. Hudson, who has never been interested in a plush toy of any kind, kept sneaking the doll out of baby's crib and was totally infatuated with it so we ended up ordering Oliver the bear for him. He adores his doll! 


I never had a real co-sleeper with my first baby and tried to get by forcing a nursing pillow and pack-n-play to suffice. I didn't want to just get by this time and when I found the Dock-A-Tot I knew that it would be perfect! It can serve as a co-sleeping, a safe place to lay baby when I'm trying to get things done. I got the bundle featured here which also has this cute little detachable toy arch to keep baby entertained which is awesome! And I mean, how cute are those little toys?! I love how versatile it is and that it's firm but comfortable. I'll be using it in the crib, on the changing table, all around my house, in my bed, and anywhere and everywhere baby will be! I'll keep you updated on how we like it once baby arrives!


For above the dresser, I found these cute metal shelves at a local store called All That Stuff In The Barn. Unfortunately, they have no online presence so I'm unable to link them for you! The mirror is this one from IKEA, which I don't really love. I had my heart set on a larger one I'd seen at Target but it sold out in stores and online before I was able to purchase it. 

While I don't love the mirror, I am completely thrilled about my new Fawn Design bag! I ordered the stone grey bag as soon as the color launched over two years ago. I originally thought it would just serve as a stylish diaper bag for me but as soon as I got it I started relying on it as my everything bag. It has a ridiculous amount of space and organization, so even long after Hudson no longer needed a diaper bag, I was still carrying it as my everyday purse. It's amazing to travel with too!'s pretty. This is literally the best bag you will ever purchase. I decided it was time for a new fresh one since I'll have a new fresh baby. I'll be packing it with items for baby and I as part of our hospital-go bags.  


I'm so happy with how this space turned out! It's cozy but airy, girly with some chic, comfortable and functional. I hope you enjoyed the details as much as I do and maybe got a little home-design-inspo for your own home. I've done my best to link all the items here but feel free to comment or message me with questions if you have any! Now that the nursery is complete it's time to finally get focused and settle on a name for this little girl! I can't wait for her to get here!