The new year is upon us and while I don’t think you need a new year to start a new routine, sometimes I think it does help us get there mentally. Also, I think we all could use a refresh after the hectic holidays to get our routines BACK ON TRACK so I’ve put a little something together to help that I’m really excited about.

You can start at anytime so don’t stress if you stumble upon this post a bit late.

Personally, things have been so busy my routine has felt “off” for months. Work has been busy as we’re preparing to launch a new assay, at home we’re getting ready to welcome an au pair (more on that to come), and we typically don’t track macros around the holidays. On top of that, I’ve been working out consistently postpartum doing my own thing but I’ve been wanting something more structured because I just don’t feel like I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone enough.

I’ve been prioritizing too many things over myself and I’m feeling it. With things settling down for just a bit, and having a nice holiday break, I’ve decided it’s time to COMMIT and re-shape my routine.

We all know the best results come from consistency so, if you’re feeling like you need to shape up your routine as well, I’d LOVE for you to join me in this little challenge:


This is all about re-shaping our routines and habits and generally just setting ourselves up for success. Let’s commit to living our best lives together!

I’m a firm believer that it takes 12 weeks to really see the results of any change you make in you life, so I’m asking you to go ALL IN with me for 12 weeks so we can SEE and FEEL a difference from our efforts.

Now, all of our routines are different and where we’re starting from may be different than someone else so I wanted to create something that was fully customizable and not too overwhelming. Also, I’m all about having a plan and typically do better at getting things done if I write them down, so….I created my own little tracking sheet:

Shape your routine

To help us shape a new routine for ourselves that fits our lives! The tracking sheet allows you to set your own goals and gives you the ability to track your goals and progress each week while also keeping you grounded with affirmations and daily gratitude sections.

You can download the #commitwithcourtney Shape your Routine tracker here!


Using the Tracker

Commit to one action for each area of your routine you want to do better! I’m planning to focus on four main categories: fitness, nutrition, family, and self-care. You can use my categories as inspiration for your own, or do something totally unique to you!

You can keep goals the same week after week, or change them as they become habit. That being said, your routine should be the SAME! If your action is to workout at least 4 days each week and you find by week 3 that it's no longer difficult to do that, change your fitness goal, but keep working out 4 times/week! Maybe add to it or make it more specific, “I want to lift at the gym 4 days each week and run 2 day each week”.

Or if your action is putting down your phone during a certain part of the day, and you find you no longer have to think about it after 2 weeks, change your action, find other ways to be more present in your life but make sure you still maintain that new habit of putting your phone down.

Check boxes

Use the check box to mark off any actions you complete each day. Feel free to add little notes in the extra space.

Daily Gratitude

Each night, take a moment to think about your day and what you're most grateful for. It's amazing how this simple act can change the tone at the end of the day and remind us of how amazing our lives really are. Studies have shown links between this focus on gratitude and happiness.


What are your long term goals? Do you want to feel confident? Build strength? Have more energy? Be more present? These may remain the same through the entire 12 weeks, but definitely take some time to think about where you want to be.


Having a little mantra to help you stay committed and positive throughout the week is a great way to re-wire your brain away from negative thoughts. Here are a few I love:

I am capable of anything I can imagine.

Everything I need is within my grasp.

Imperfections do not define me.

I am present and grounded.


I know that sometimes, just joining a challenge isn’t quite enough, it’s nice to have some accountability too! I’ll be setting up a form here on my site where you can send in progress updates! This is just to add an additional level of support to help you as you change your routine for the better!

If you have fitness or nutrition goals!

I HIGHLY encourage you take before photos and measurements! Take more as you go at 6 and 12 weeks. It takes 12 weeks to really see physical changes from modifying your routine. Trust me, you'll want pictures to see that difference!

If you miss days!

Let go of that stress! We are HUMAN and we are IMPERFECT and that's is OKAY! Just pick right back up where you left off. Missing 3 days does not negate the two weeks of effort you put in!

Share and support!

Share your tracking, progress, thoughts, etc on instagram and #CommitwithCourtney so I can see what you're working on! Check in on the hashtag and support others too.

What I’ll be tracking!

To give you an idea of where to start, let me break down how I plan to track various aspects of my routine pertaining to nutrition, fitness, family and self-care.


I’ve decided to do @ashleighdillello ‘s 12 week TNT guide and I’m soooo excited. If you want to try it to use my code ‘COURTNEY’ for a discount! I did a HEAVILY modified version of this guide during my pregnancy but after I had the baby I’ve just been doing my own thing. I feel like I’ve gotten too comfortable though and I’m not pushing myself. On top of that, I’m dealing with a herniated disc in my low back and a lot of muscle imbalance and weakness from pregnancy I’m looking to work on and I think Ashleigh’s program will be perfect as it’s intense, but low impact (unlike BBG). My goal is to complete all of the TNT workouts each week, 2 HIIT cardio sessions, and a couple weight lifting sessions. I’m keeping a bit of extra lifting because, I truly love it and it makes me happy, also, it’s some of the only time Aaron and I have together during the week with no kids #gymdates .


I’ll be doing @ashleighdillello ‘s nutrition program as well which is rooted in keeping insulin levels balanced! I am going to take it one step further though and track macros along with it. I’m working to do a little metabolic rehabilitation via a reverse program with Avatar Nutrition. Tracking is tricky so it is my goal to consistently track each day! If you’d like to read more about my past experiences with macro tracking, you can find my blog series on it here!


It’s easy for technology to take over our lives. I’ll be putting my phone away on the charger as soon as I get home from work until the kids are in bed in an effort to stay present and connected with my little family.


Do my PT exercises each day to ensure that I’m strengthening my muscles and doing everything in my power to heal my back.

I think my fitness and nutrition goals will remain the same over the next 12 weeks, however, as some things I’m tracking begin to feel more habitual, I’ll shift my focus to new areas to ensure I’m constantly working toward a better me. For example, if I get really good at putting my phone away when I get home, I might change that goal to something like doing a 10 minute meditation each morning or evening to help me stay more grounded, while still following through on putting my phone away each evening.

I really do believe that committing to anything together makes us all more successful so I’d love for you to track your own goals each week with me and share about how it goes using the hashtag #commitwithcourtney . That way we can all see what everyone is doing, get inspired, and be BETTER! Also, if you want to join Ashleigh’s TNT program and do that together too, use the code ‘COURTNEY’ for a discount!

Now, go print a few copies of the tracker and let’s get going! If you’re late to the show, you can join with us ANYTIME! You don’t need a new week, new month, or new year to start re-shaping your life.