How I edit photos - Maintaining feed aesthetic

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Insta is allll about those pretty feeds that just flow, but how do you achieve consistency when dealing with things outside your control like say...terrible lighting or your dog's tail that popped into the frame of an otherwise perfect photo at the last moment?

Today I want to show you how I edit my images and maintain my feed aesthetic through a few simple photo editing apps! I shoot most of my content by myself with a tripod, iohone, and bluetooth remote (which you sometimes see in my images if you're looking for it!). I want to note though, I do shoot with a photographer from time to time and, thankfully, he edits the photos on his end and I do nothing! So all of these tips apply to photos I take and edit myself. I've established a feed aesthetic that consists of lots of black, white, and grey with some muted color so that's what we'll be shooting for here but play around with these apps and find your own style! 

Now...I selected a particularly rough photo for this tutorial. It's taken indoors with minimal natural light. Here's what it looks like in my feed with 0 edits.


Terrible right? So...let's see if we can save it! 

Snapseed (free) - This app has quite a few handy features but my go to is the brush tool, specifically the saturation! With all the yellow lighting taking over my image here I set the saturation brush to -10. To help me see where I've been, I turn on the little visualizer icon at the bottom, it looks like an eye and turns everything you've gone over red. Then, I go to work! I desaturated the walls, blanket, and pillows, except one, completely then adjusted the brush to -5 and lightly went over the fireplace, floor, remaining pillow, plant, basket, and even my skin to help tone down all that yellow and orange. You can use your fingers to zoom in and out to work on those fine details. For mistakes, simply adjust the brush to erase saturation to restore it to the original, I have to do this quite a bit near my skin and hair.

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And there you have it! An image that almost looks well lit! number 2!

Facetune ($2.99) - Just to clean up the image I used the patch tool and removed the outlets and light switch. They’re small details but they're distracting and make the image look messy! I also used the tone brush a bit with the wall color followed by the smooth tool to cover some odd shadows that showed up from removing those outlets.


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VSCO (free...kind of) - I’ve paid for access to all of VSCO’s filters but honestly, I use one. If you’re just getting started using this app and still exploring what you want your feed aesthetic to look like, having options is great. For me, I could get by with 1-2 filters and be happy.

So, first I apply filter A6 and adjust it down. I rarely use filters above a +6 setting, it gets a little overwhelming if they’re applied at full strength. Additionally, I do all my other global adjustments in this app. For this image I adjusted the following:

A6 at +3
Exposure +1
Clarity +1.5
Skin tone -2.5

And done! I usually don’t have to do quite this much editing to an image but poor lighting really makes things hard!

FD34A756-19EF-431C-871C-F07CBADE9768 (1).JPG
IMG_3092 (1).jpg

Now it actually blends with my feed! I hope this little mini tutorial was helpful and feel free to ask questions!

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