Sometimes a little change is all we need..

Sometimes a little change is all we need to reignite our drive.

I've found that when my motivation starts to dip I can completely renew it with a little refocusing. I have to be careful not to go and completely overhaul my entire routine and overwhelm myself into a sense of failure, however, but a little change can do a whole lot of good.

While I'm not in a total motivation slump right now, I am feeling stagnant and a little aimless. My nutrition and training are fine, but I'm thinking a few micro changes might help push me and move me closer toward my current goals.

On that note, I started this account to keep myself accountable and it still holds that purpose for me today, so, I wanted to share a few of the changes I want to implement and hope to update you as things go along. Maybe you'll even join me?


  • Lifting 3-4x/week
  • BBG 2x/week
  • Cardio 1-2x/week
  • HIIT 3x/week
  • Yoga 2x/week
  • Replace 1 workout a week with something new (new training style, new class, outdoor activity, etc)

Now, I just want to say this training schedule isn't for everyone. You need to look at what you're currently doing and make sure you're adjusting your routine to push YOU. It's really not about what anyone else is doing, just you. So, please recognize that me sharing my training goals and schedule is what I've put together to push my personal limits. If you're looking to change up your own routine and struggling please just leave me a note in the comments and maybe together we can come up with some ideas!

So, with all of that in mind, here is what I expect my schedule will look like:

  • M: BBG legs + yoga
  • T: Lift back and biceps + HIIT
  • W: BBG abs + yoga
  • Th: Lift legs + HIIT
  • F: Lift shoulders and abs + HIIT
  • S: Lift chest and triceps + cardio
  • Su: Cardio


  • Get back to macro tracking (and maybe find a coach)
  • Start a new meal prep rotation (inspired by all the many delicious things I ate in Portland) and share the recipes with you fine people
  • Drink more water (always)
  • Stop avoiding fish oil

So, I'm excited to shift things up a bit, get back to cardio, and sort out my nutrition. Maybe you'll join me, maybe my goals will help you shape some of your own, but either's to those little changes that make all the difference.


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