5 time-management tips to help you get it all done and still have time for you!

This post is sponsored by Aveeno®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s been proven that self-care makes you more emotionally and physically capable of taking care of others. We all want to look and feel our best but with busy schedules it can be hard creating time for ourselves. As a wife and mama working full time in a STEM career, managing my home life, work life, and fit life can sometimes be overwhelming. I know what it’s like to be time poor and scrambling to fit everything in.

I’m partnering with Aveeno® to encourage women to take a “moment for me” each day to recharge so we can better care for ourselves and others,  and to bring you 5 time-management tips to help you handle your busy schedule, feel like an incredible productive human, and also create a little extra time to take care of yourself. You’ll get some insights into my life and routine and hopefully pick up some ideas for your own.

1. Create a weekly schedule based on your goals - When time is tight I find it’s really important to have a solid plan of what I want to accomplish in my week. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot to accomplish, but creating a visual of your available time and the activities you want to get done really helps to reign in that anxiety and let you create a realistic plan.  I like to sit down on Sunday afternoons and create a list of my goals for the week and create a schedule that will help me achieve them.

I break it out into 3 parts - life, work, and fitness. I really schedule everything. If it’s written in I know it’s important to me, I’ve allocated time for it, and I know I’ll be bummed if I don’t get it done. It helps to keep me accountable.

2. Plan your nutrition - For us, this is everything. If we fail to plan out our meals at the beginning of the week and try to wing it...we wind up getting take out every night! Eating healthy requires a bit of thought so, again, Sunday’s are my day! I write out a list of 2-3 lunches, dinners, and snacks. I prepare everything I can ahead of time in Tupperware or jars so it’s easy to grab and go or reheat and eat. Here’s this week’s line-up as an example:

Breakfast - protein shakes

Snack - Greek yogurt parfait with baked cinnamon apples and granola, simple banana, or overnight oats

Lunch - grilled chicken Mason jar salads or chicken stir-fry over brown rice or quinoa

Snack - G2G protein bar, apples with peanut butter, or veggies with Greek yogurt dressing

Dinner- Turkey burgers, turkey quinoa taco salads, or grilled chicken with baked sweet potatoes and broccoli

Most of these can be prepped at the beginning of the week and stored in the fridge. Some items we will prepare fresh; however, not having the “what should we eat” conversation really helps limit wasted time and prevents us from giving in to the easy Chinese takeout option.

3. Pack your bags and set out your clothes at night! This is an easy one! Before you start your bedtime routine pack your bags for the next day. This sounds dumb but it saves me so much time and makes my mornings so much less stressful. About 15 min before we start bedtime routines I pick out my clothes for the next day, pack my gym bag, and put the food I’ll need for the day in a bag in the fridge. I quickly restock the diaper bag and Hudson’s lunch bag too. In the morning we can get up, get ready, get dressed and we’re ready to go!

4. Know what you’re going to do at the gym before you actually get there. When I have a busy day and am stressed the gym is my release, however, there’s nothing worse than getting there, already frazzled, and having that “now what” moment as you realize you scheduled gym time but aren’t sure what you want to do.  This usually leaves me distracted and having a sub-par workout, which I don’t have time for! So...as part of my weekly scheduling, I also make a workout plan.

Here’s what I’ve got coming this week:

Monday - BBG legs + yoga

Tuesday - Back + biceps

Wednesday - BBG abs + yoga

Thursday - Legs

Friday - Shoulders + abs

Saturday - Chest + triceps

Sunday - BBG arms or rehabilitation day

5. Create a little time for yourself - This one is my favorite! Now that you’ve got everything prioritized and scheduled, see where you might be able to fit in a #momentforme.  While I do count my workouts as “me-time” I always need a little pampering too. I like to do a few things each week to make sure I’m caring for my skin as well as my body.

Aveeno® has my back on this one, their Aveeno® Protect + Hydrate® Lotion Sunscreen has Broad Spectrum SPF 70 (which my fair complexion needs!)and is formulated with skin-soothing Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal, which hydrates skin to keep it soft, smooth and feeling healthy. I also love the SPF 50 for my face. I’ve been lotioning up and taking my yoga practice outdoors so I can enjoy the sun, treat my skin, and de-stress all at the same time and I want to share that with you...so...here’s a little yoga flow just for you! Breathe, move, and enjoy your little #momentforme because...you deserve it.