5 tricks to keeping your nutrition on point when time is short

Do you ever have those weeks where Monday sneaks up on you and you're in no way prepared for it? It's easy to make excuses and say you'll get back on track next week, but, it doesn't have to be all or nothing! There's a lot you can do to stay on track even when time is short. Here's how I get by when I'm time poor and needing to keep my nutrition on point:

1. Protein shakes! These will save you! A few things though:

-You need to find a protein product that mixes well in water and actually tastes good. You're not always going to have access to a blender, milk, and all kinds of add ins so you need to have a good product you can use on the fly. My favorite is Protein World chocolate slender blend. It's never clumpy and tastes great on it's own. It also has a great vitamin an mineral profile that is missing from a lot of other protein products. 

-Have a good canister stocked at home, but keep some protein with you wherever you go so if you need a quick snack you have it. You can use single serve sachets like these, or just portion some out in a ziploc and keep a mini shaker in your bag.

-Make it a balanced meal. If I'm looking for a quick meal I'll whip out the blender and throw in literally anything I have, fruit, soymilk, greens, oils, flax, etc. You can create a super balanced meal within a shake if you need to.

2. Identify pre-prepared foods you like eating that are also healthy. Trader Joe's is my go-to on this one. They have a pile of delicious salads that are ready to eat. Also, if you need to make them more macro balanced it's easy to add to them. If I don't have time to meal prep lunches I'll stop in before work and buy their seasoned, individually packaged, pre-cooked chicken breast, a few avocados, and 5 of the southwest salads. They're tasty, balanced and super easy to make up over lunch at work.

3. Stay armed with healthy snacks. Pick up some fruit and veggies like apples, bananas, carrots, and snap peas. You can throw them directly in your bag or in a ziploc and have them around when you need them. I also keep G2G bars and (stolen from my 2-year olds stock) apple sauce pouches. These keep me from being tempted to pick up takeout or indulge in other unhealthy treats that might be around because I didn't meal prep and am feeling snack-y.

4. Recipes! Have 2-3 time-poor dinner recipes you can make without a time commitment. My current go-tos are protein pancakes, turkey-bacon-avocado salad or wrap, or grilled turkey burgers. Dinner is always the hardest thing for me because it's at the end of the day and the last thing on my mind. If I need to keep myself away from the take-out I have to have something to fall back on and these are super easy!

5. Go easy on yourself. If you need to break into a couple more cheat meals than you would in a normal week, that's okay! I promise one rough week will not undo all of your progress. As long as you're doing your best that's enough. Don't sweat the small stuff.