Morning rituals

I've found that morning rituals can completely shape the mood and tone of your day. You can start your mornings randomly, rushed, and with a bit of anxiety if you like, but being mindful about your morning routine may be a better route to reduce stress and increase your energy, happiness, and productivity.

So, here's a few tips on how I try to start my mornings mindfully and ease into my day:

Prepare - It's all about intention. Effective morning routines are centered around planning. Know what you have to do and the time it takes and be ready for it. If you can pack your bag the night before or have your meals and snacks ready to go that's one less thing to stress over. I like to make sure my gym bag is ready, I know what prepped meals and snacks I'm taking with me out the door, and have my little guy's diaper bag ready to go, and I decide what I'm wearing so there's no "does this look okay? nope...totally weird...maybe a different shirt?" business going on in the morning.

Don't snooze- I'll be the first to admit I'm a huge offender of the snooze button. Those snooze minutes are not beneficial restful sleep and are not worth fighting for. Also, your partner will appreciate not having to hear your alarm 12 times. If you need to, place your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. That little walk will help wake you right up so you can start your day.

Ease in - This is one I struggle with. Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you get up, or stumbling straight for a caffeine fix, try something different. Get out of bed, take a little stretch, and settle in for a bit of mediation. It's quiet in the morning and our minds aren't busy yet so it's the perfect time. It can be 5 min or 20, its up to you, but it will increase your energy and help get you focused for the day. Lately I've loved getting cozy on the floor with my fluffy rug from @rugs_usa for a bit of meditation. It's more like a blanket than a rug but doesn't let me fall asleep like I would snuggled up on my bed. Just a few minutes allows me to center and set an intention for the day makes so much difference.

Create meaningful rituals - Whether it's sitting out on your porch sipping your tea, taking time to make yourself a nice breakfast, getting in a morning run or workout, taking time to read a few pages while you eat your breakfast, doing something with your kids, or listening to music on your commute instead of the radio, create rituals that add happiness and meaning to your morning. These can shift depending on your day but make sure you're doing something that helps set a positive tone for your day. Today kiddo slept in so I adjusted a bit and took a little me time sipping my chai tea while getting caught up and organized for the day.

I challenge you to be mindful about your morning routine for a week and just see how it affects your day. You'll be amazed at how much these little practices can impact your mood and your energy.