Balance is everything- Designing your day

Balance is key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they require awareness, and through this awareness we can grow.

Life is busy. With all we have going on each day, it's very easy to become overwhelmed with everything that we need to get done, want to get done, and have done. Ultimately, we each have 24 hours available to us each day. If we want to achieve great things and reach our goals, we've got to focus on where those hours go. 

I thrive on productivity and feel that organization is key for me to achieve my goals, whatever they may be. I work full time, am a mom and wife, teach yoga on the side, and have to fit in time to be active, healthy, and generally take care of myself. With so much going on in my life balance is important. I need to have a way to see my life from a bird's eye view and make sure I'm not falling short anywhere or letting my focus shift too strongly to one area of my life. 

Enter the Day Designer, the queen of of planners! I chose this planner for several reasons.

1. Aesthetic- It's gorgeous, nuff' said. The black, white, and teal with gold details is just too pretty.

2. The daily page setup- a full page is dedicated to each day. As a girl with way too much going on, I appreciate having a little space. It's perfect for managing work and life all in one place. 

4. The focus- my favorite thing about this planner is the little extras that ground me. I truly believe that consistency is what leads to progress and success. It's all about day-to-day choices adding up to something big. So, on that note, take a look at the daily layout, because this is where goals are made and achieved. 

I try my best to maintain balance in my life. To help me with this, I structure my daily pages specifically to manage the important parts of my life. 

1. I split my top 3 into my top goal for work, family, and personal. 

2. I split my to-do list into work, instagram, and life.

3. I designate my notes section for tracking my daily health/fitness goals as well as use it as a reminder for my weekly goals. I also try to document struggles and little feel good moments. On the weekends I plan my meals for the following week and plan out what ingredients I need to pick up so I'm not scrambling last minute.

4. Daily gratitude can be anything, just remember to take a moment to fill it out because looking  back on those little things is kind of amazing.

In addition to daily and month overview pages, there are little worksheets included in this planner that are really helpful for making you take a step back, evaluate where you are, and make a plan for where you're going. They force you to analyze how you're using you time and get thoughtful about it! I love this little addition. 

There are also free printable inserts on the Day Designer website. I immediately downloaded the Meal Planner, Books to read/movies to watch, and Brain dump pages to add to my book.

Thoughtful planning of your workouts, nutrition, work, and life is a game changer. It keeps you accountable, balanced, productive, and hustling! If you're struggling to manage your time I highly recommend getting one of these little beauties.

Sit down and take some time to decide what your goals will be. Break your life up into categories and decide what you're working towards. Maybe you want to get into meal prep, or workout 5 times each week, or maybe you need to make more time to be focused on your family without distractions. Zero in on a few things that are important to you and create a schedule that helps you to better manage those aspects of your life and reach your goals. You want your planner to be something that really works for your and fits your life. It should motivate, inspire, and push you while keeping you focused and balanced. 

And remember, life is about finding that balance between what we can and cannot control. Doing our best each day, and recognizing that we won't always get to everything. It's about finding that place between effort and surrender. 


Get your own Day Designer here.