Find your tribe

I spent Saturday morning outside teaching yoga to the most beautiful group of people. I say people because it ended up being 25+ ladies and 1 very brave man ha ha. I feel so lucky to have had this experience. 

When I started my insta @courtneysfitlife_ a year and a half ago I never expected it would create so much for me in the way of motivation, support, friendship, and sense of community. It is truly incredible to be a part of something so positive. 

We had several attendees that were new to yoga and I was so proud of them for showing up and giving it a shot anyway. Doing something new and unfamiliar in a large group is intimidating so good on you for pushing that fear aside and doing it anyway. 

I'm so grateful for every single person who came out. It is so amazing seeing 25+ people all move into a warrior at the same time. There's just something powerful about it. You guys gave me goosebumps more than once. You are all incredible. 

While moving and breathing with these new and seasoned yogis was amazing it was even more fun getting to know them all a little while we snapped pictures and shared treats. Ocean Spray and G2G bar sponsored the event providing PACt cranberry extract water (and gym bags!) and the most delicious protein bars of all time. After and hour of what turned out to be hot yoga we were all more than ready for a refreshing drink and a snack. If you haven't tried PACt water or G2G bars they are both a must. Seriously amazing. 

I did feel a bit bad after we wrapped up as I found out several attendees had actually meant to attend a different 'Yoga in the Park' class going on at the same time with another teacher. I had no idea that two classes were set up so close. While I apologize to the teacher who's students I stole, I was so happy to have them!

I hope to get another yoga event planned soon so if you missed out, hopefully we can catch you on the next round!