Let's get our yoga on!

Ladies! I wanna yoga with you!


I've finally got my act together and have decided to host a little yoga meetup at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. Will we have a sound system? No. Will there be a stage, mic, or sinage? Nope. Will there be a bunch of bad ass girls coming out on their mats to move and breathe together? Oh YEAH!  

This is going to be so much fun! I cannot wait to meet all of you and practice together. I'm planning a newbie/beginner/intermediate class so even if you have never done yoga before you'll be able to jump right in. If you're thinking about coming but holding back for any reason do no hesitate to contact me so I can convince you to come. My contact page sends messages straight to my e-mail or you can DM me on insta and PROMISE I will respond. 

Anyway! This is going down August 13th at 10am so go RSVP on my event page here!

I cannot wait!