A Little Lace

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to review a company I'm so excited about, True and Co. They are based on one simple ideal: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin. That messageresonates with me so much. It's my goal and the goal of so many women I interact with on a daily basis. So when they approached me about trying out their fit system and bras I was all in!

I have never actually bought a bra online. I have one store where I buy all of my everyday bras, but I still always felt the need to go in and try things on. Every single style fit differently and required me to adjust my size ever so slightly to get the right fit. Also, becoming a mom has changed a lot of things about bra shopping. Not only have my boobs changed A LOT, trying to drag a squirmy toddler into a store while you try on a million bras just isn't going to happen. So, all things being what they are in my life, I was really excited to try out True and Co.'s fit quiz! I needed this simplicity in my life.

I was so so skeptical when I started this quiz. I just didn't think the recommendations could really be that accurate after just a little quiz. It started out asking questions about my current situation, do the straps slip on my current bras? What shape are you (with pictures to help because who really knows how to describe that ha ha!), what is the brand and size of your favorite bra? Etc... You get the picture. The quiz is a really in depth look at your current fit and taste. This was really helpful for me as I've mostly been buying the same kind of bras post-baby as I did pre-baby but my boob situation has changed so much! I found it really helpful to re-evaluate. 

At the end of the quiz their system automatically pulls together a collection of bras that should be a good fit for you. Again, so skeptical that these recommendations would really be anything close to what I needed. Based on my results True and Co. sent me out 3 bras to try and really put me in my place! I was so wrong to be skeptical! Everything fit so perfectly and was just my style. 

Now, most of you reading this spend half your time, or more, in sports bras. Lucky for you, they have those too! The first bra I received was this heather blue Alice Pullover. It's sports-bra-esque, I like wearing it for everyday, but it could definitely serve as a low-medium impact sports bra. Soft fabric, padding, mesh, and a racerback. It's simple, comfortable, and I can wear it under anything. It's just so comfortable and the mesh details are the best! 

Next in the line-up was this lacey seaside longline. It's just so pretty! Sometimes I have to avoid lace because it can be really itchy but this is really soft and doesn't irritate my skin at all! It's just beautiful and sexy! I love the style of it!

Lastly, a perfect everyday bra that is still sexy, the black Delano Racerback. I must say I don't love the metal front clasp. As a girl with a small chest, the underwires and the metal are a bit much for me. However, all the other great things about this bra completely redeem it in my mind. One thing that surprised me was that it totally improves my posture. Something about that racerback and the perfect placement of the straps just makes me more aware of my posture. It's kinda great. Again, super soft lace that doesn't irritate. The best thing though, no back fat. It fits just perfect so nothing is pinched or squeezed. This bra is just gorgeous and a must-have. 

If you're in the market for some lovely lacey things or need a new sports bra, definitely take the quiz and try out True and Co. I'm definitely sold!