Let's eat!

I’ve been receiving so many questions recently regarding my diet and what I eat. Honestly, it’s constantly evolving. When I started my fitness journey 6 weeks postpartum I was so overwhelmed trying to get my sore, weak, postpartum self through workouts that I really didn’t feel I could focus on food too. At that time I decided I would just try to “eat healthy” until I felt I had a handle on my workouts and it had become a routine. Pre-pregnancy I was a big calorie restrictor so I went back to that. I’m going to tell you right now, that doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. You can fight me on it all you want but you will not see the results you want if you’re trying to calorie cut like crazy. Workouts require energy, muscles require protein, there is more to it then just leaning out. It took me FOREVER to learn that, but it’s true. So...next phase.


Around 9 weeks into BBG I felt I had the workout thing down. I had a schedule I could commit to and was making it happen. I knew my calorie restricting wasn’t working so I decided to try something new. Kayla was killing it with workouts so why not trust her on food too. I bought her nutrition guide and followed it strictly (despite not enjoying a lot of the meals) for 2 months. It really helped me realize how often I needed to eat, and how much. It also helped me break my calorie restricting habits. After a couple months I felt I had the principles cemented enough I could experiment with using my own clean recipes. I used pinterest for inspo or just made up my own clean foods so that I could enjoy what I was eating. I went on like this for quite a while but recently felt I had hit a plateau and wanted to try something new.


I contacted my friend @hungrymotherrunners for some help. I knew about macro counting, and it made sense. Balance your nutrients based on your goals, but I had no idea exactly how to do that! She put together a plan based on my body, my lifestyle, my workouts, and my goals. Right now, I’m looking to lean out. I consume more fat than I should but carbs aren’t an area where I overload. I also struggle to get enough protein. So her plan focused on getting my fat down, my carbs up a bit, and protein up a lot. This plan is only intended to be followed for 6 weeks or less as it is somewhat intense. After this, she’ll be increasing my intake. I’m 4 weeks into macro counting with Candice’s plan and I’ve got to tell you, the first couple weeks were rough! I had no energy, wasn’t sleeping, and at one point was so tired I was falling asleep sitting in my chair at work. We re-balanced my macros a bit to boost me up ever so slightly and I started doing MUCH better. I’m feeling really good now.


It is so important that you’re open to tweaking your diet as you go. Your requirements are going to change as time goes by so always be re-evaluating and adjusting!


Now, I’ve promised quite a few of you more detailed info on what I’m eating. I think the best way to talk about it, is to show you a typical day for me. This is tricky because right now I’m in the midst of this macro counting cut that is set very specifically for my body. So, keep that in mind. This may not be ideal for you at this moment in time. If you do want to get your own custom macro plan, Candice would be happy to work with you so hit her up via her insta! Now...here goes:


Breakfast: 1 egg, 3 egg whites on Dave’s Killer good seed bread. Boring...but it hits the macros I need!


Snack: Protein Shake


Lunch: Almond crusted parmesan chicken and veggies. Recipe will be up on the blog shortly!


Snack: Strawberry Oikos Triple Zero yogurt with cottage cheese and fresh strawberries


Dinner: 2 whole meal wraps with lettuce, grilled chicken with green onions, and lots of parmesan cheese!


Snack: Chocolate protein muffin (recipe on previous post)


Snack: Post-workout protein shake


So there you have it! Lots of protein, not very much fat, and just the right amount of carbs. I hope this is helpful! If you have questions let me know! Balancing your diet with your training for the progress you want is hard. It takes trying lots of new things to see what works for your body and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to play around with it though. One last tidbit of advice, anytime you change something, it takes 4-6 weeks to see change in your body. So change it, commit for that time and adjust as needed.