Apple Watch vs. Style

I have been complaining to my husband, poor guy, about my Apple watch band for about 3 months now. I have the Apple Watch Sport, and while I love it and love that it serves at a watch, heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and extension of my iPhone but I've been conflicted about it lately. It has so much functionality, but it's earning next to no style points in my book. 

If you follow me on insta you probably know I'm a diehard Apple fan and will buy, and love, almost anything they produce. I pre-ordered my watch and got it soon after release and it's amazing, but to be perfectly's not the most attractive timepiece. It's so nice to have and makes tracking workouts easy but I kinda feel like a dork wearing it when I'm not working out.

Also, I have the white sport band. I love white. It held up pretty well in the beginning but recently it started picking up color from my jackets and clothes making it look dirty. Apple does a lot of things well but I'm just not digging their bands! I was excited about a leather double tour band, but when it was released it was a bit masculine. I figured I'd just keep waiting and watching for someone to produce something that better fit my style. I've been less then patient and I've whined a lot but that day is finally here! 

I discovered Arrow & Board on Insta and loved what they were doing! They produce handmade leather goods out of Austin, TX. Their products are QUALITY and they're beautiful. I immediately fell in love with their double tour split band and ordered it in whiskey brown. The way this band wraps looks more like a leather bracelet stack than a watch band which is so great. It meshes with my style so much more than a standard leather bands and definitely more than the sport band. I also love the way the strap attaches to the watch face. The metal clips change the overall look of the face and give it a more classy vibe.  

If you have an Apple watch and are feeling it dragging down your style or if you've been on the fence about getting an Apple watch, definitely check out Arrow & Board. They just might change your whole perspective.