5 ways to stick to your diet

How things usually go:

Monday: New week, new you! You're ready for some change! You've got a plan and you want to see progress! 

Tuesday: Monday went so well, I'll be bikini ready in no time! 

Wednesday: Had some ice cream, but just a little! I haven't totally fallen off, just a little slip. I can get back on track.

Thursday: Had a busy day and was rushed for lunch. Picked up some quick take out, not the healthiest but I'll get back to my diet tomorrow when things are less crazy.

Friday: Not feeling well, needed some comfort food. Ate a half gallon of ice cream. Oops. 

Saturday: It's the weekend! Time for a cheat meal right?! 

Sunday: Cheat meal turned into cheat days...I guess I'll start over tomorrow. Feeling a bit defeated.

How to avoid falling into this cycle:

1. Set small, reasonable, goals.

Changing a bit at a time is easier than overhauling your entire life and all your normal behavior. Try focusing on a few small things each week until you feel they've really become habit. You'll get to a point you don't even have to think about them anymore, at that point, add a few new things to work on. Breaking down big goals into bite size pieces really helps them become more achievable. Instead of saying "I'm going to eat clean 100% of the time from here on out." try doing something smaller that will help you work toward your goal like "I'm not going to eat take out this week". 

2. Make a plan for your plan!

Maybe you're looking to eat clean or count macros. How can you set yourself up for success? Make a day by day meal plan. Decide how you want each day to go so you can stick to it. Once you have your plan, make a shopping list, and prepare your food. If you have everything made up for your week you won't find yourself running out of the office to pick up a quick bite to eat or too tired to make that healthy dinner you planned because it's already done! I love to use pinterest for recipe inspiration. Try it!

3. Give yourself room to be human!

It is very rare that anyone can stick with eating perfect 100% of the time. Special occasions come up, life happens. So give yourself room for that. I like to allow myself 1-2 cheat meals a week and it really helps me to stay on track. If someone brings doughnuts into the office I think, "Yeah, I could have a doughnut now, but then I won't be able to have a cheat date night dinner this weekend. Not worth it." It helps you prioritize what indulgences are really worth it but still allows you to enjoy yourself.

4. Avoid falling into the "I'll start over Monday" trap.

You planned to eat healthy all week but Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday went poorly and you didn't stick with your plan. Don't start over next week! Today is a new day, right now is your fresh start. Consistency is key to seeing progress so don't put it off! There's nothing wrong with re-starting in the middle of a day or week. Every healthy choice brings you one step closer to your goals so start again right now.

5. Take it one day at a time. 

Progress is the accumulation of all your small daily choices. Choosing to workout, eat healthy, stretch, etc. Try to focus on doing your best just today and you'll find you quickly start making choices and habits that build up to something so much greater! Every healthy choice takes you a little bit closer toward your goals so keep pushing!