My everything bag

I was so excited when I received this beauty from Fawn Design! It’s grey, it’s gorgeous, and it has pockets in all the right places, and sizes, to keep me organized. Also, I love that they're a Utah startup owned by the cutest little family

My weeks are crazy busy. I work, the mister works, we drive crazy distances dropping of our little guy with grandma's and grandpa's (who I am forever thankful for), I teach yoga, the mister has classes, and we both have to scrape together time to workout, eat, and live. The only way all of this happens, without mass chaos, is through staying organized and simplifying where we can.

Enter, my everything bag! My Fawn Design bag is a lifesaver. It transitions so easily for whatever I have going on in my life! I was that person constantly dumping out purses, gym bags, diaper bags, etc trying to switch between the various things going on in any given day and it was getting to be a problem. Also, I rarely had everything I needed on me because things often ended up in the "I probably don't need to carry that" pile because whatever bag I was using didn't have space and then I realized I actually really needed it.

I bought a designer diaper bag when I was pregnant because I was pretty sure I had to have it in order to be a good mom. At the time I thought it was cute and perfect and loved how it looked sitting in my little boy's nursery. Then baby was born and I actually started using it.  It’s bulky, the inside is yellow (kind of the worst) and cloth (hello stains), and the outside is this big bold print material that has been plasticised. I'm still trying to understand why they would protect the outside from dirt and spills but not the inside. It’s great for hauling around all the things a baby/toddler needs, but it is not stylish by any means, has very little space for anything that I might need to carry for myself, and I quickly realized it is not something I want to carry around all the time. Since my little guy goes to his grandparents everyday during the week that bag just goes wherever he goes. When he’s with me, I never carry it, I hate carrying it, and actively avoid carrying it. This has lead to multiple instances of hunger, diaper blow outs, wet/dirty clothes, etc when we’re out with no back up items on hand all because no one wants to carry that beast of a diaper bag.

In addition to the diaper bag madness, have you ever gotten to the gym, opened your bag, and been welcomed to the hell that is running on the treadmill with no headphones because you left them in another bag? The purses I used to carry really hold nothing. They’re large, and look like they should, but the slated compartments just leave no room for bulky items such as gym clothes. Thus, I was forced to pack a gym bag in addition to my purse, and previously mentioned bulky diaper bag. Also, I usually have my yoga mat anywhere I have my gym bag. Are you getting a picture of this? When I walk out the door in the morning I’m carrying a toddler, diaperbag, gym bag, 8lb yoga mat (because I can’t use anything but “the mat” from lulu), purse, and a giant bag of food for the day. It’s insane and infuriating. The worse part, my gym bag doesn’t even have a place to put my water bottle.

I found Fawn Design while looking for a solution to my bag problem after I just gotten home from an appointment where I accidentally dumped the entire contents of my purse and diaper bag on the ground in a parking lot while trying to wrestle my little Hudson, screaming, into his car seat. A lady walked by, saw the mess and my crying babe and just said, “Wow, just one of those days huh?” while I scrambled to pick up my credit cards. I was done.

Fawn Design was everything I was looking for. This bag was perfect. Unlike my plasticized/cloth diaper bag that looks like it's been through war, this bag has the same material inside as it does on the outside. If anything gets on it you can just wipe it off. Thank goodness! It had two giant pockets on the sides for my water bottles, a huge interior with 4 large interior pockets so I could throw in food, clothes, and everything else I carry without it all being a jumbled mess! And, it had two exterior pockets for things I needed quick access to. The best part, it is actually pretty! 


So here it is, with it’s gold details and grey leather looking beautiful and making my life easy. I keep diapers, wipes, a binki, and baby food packet in one pocket for my little guy’s emergencies. The next holds my mini brush, mirror, lip gloss, chapstick, tweezers, and gum. Another pocket holds all of my lady essentials for that TOM, and the last holds my bluetooth speaker I use for yoga as well as a few protein bars so I don’t get hangry. There’s an additional, easier access, interior pocket that holds my wallet, and headphones. I drop my keys in the bottom of the side pockets on the outside, since I have keyless entry and start and never need them, and then pop my water bottle and shaker cup in on top of them. I slide my phone and charger into the front so I can quickly grab them. And lastly, the entire interior is open for gym clothes, jackets, or anything else I have on me. It’s amazing how much this bag can hold without it all turning into a big disorganized mess.

If you’re in need of an everything bag, this should be it! You won’t be disappointed!