Outdoor HIIT

Photo: @naturallyjulia

Outfit Details: Bra, Leggings, Hoodie, Shoes (no longer available but similar here

The weather is warming up and it's time to take HIIT and LISS workouts outside! There's something about outdoor workouts that make them so much more enjoyable. When I step on a treadmill I know it's going to be a mental fight the entire time, but outside is completely different. There's scenery, people watching, traffic dodging, and it just keep my mind occupied. When you have sunshine and a breeze you just don't feel like I'm suffering through mile after mile like on a treadmill! Extra incentive to get outside, pets that have put on a few pounds over the winter! My Bowie pup is looking quite round ha ha!

So, if you're dying to get outside as much as I am,  here's a little countdown HIIT workout to try. I promise it will get your heart pumping! 

Warm up: 

Run in place -30 sec

High knees - 30 sec

Butt kicks - 30 sec

Jumping jacks - 30 sec

Long jump or burpess (you get to choose depending on how your knees are feeling) - 30 sec



Jog- 5 min

Walk- 1 min

Run- 4 min

Walk- 1 min

Run- 3 min

Walk- 1 min

Run - 2 min

Walk- 1 min

Run- 1 min

Walk - 3 min


It's important, so don't skip it!


I'm planning to do this tonight! If you try it I wanna hear about it, so be sure to comment here or on insta and tell me how it went!