Take a moment for yourself

Sometimes we get so caught up in our to-do list that we wear ourselves down overtime without even noticing. Eventually, it catches up and you find yourself physically and mentally exhausted. Recently, I've been trying to make it a goal to take at least one night every other week to re-charge a bit and do something nice for myself that I always find myself feeling like I don't have time for. 

My current favorite, routine:

Hot bath

Such a good way to relax when I'm worn out at sore! I load up on the bubbles, set up the iPad in a safe place so I can catch up on some Netflix, and take some time to soak! Also, if you're like me, time to shave your legs is limited so this is a nice opportunity.


I've been trying to take better care of my skin. I've been really loving throwing on a clay mask once a week to refresh my skin. I feel like it has really helped with reducing the size of my pores and makes my skin feel smoother.


The best time to exfoliate is after you've soaked your skin so break out the scrub. Lately I've been kind of addicted to coffee scrubs. I have a few that I've tried and they just make my skin feel amazing. I'll have a post coming soon to review a few so watch for that if you're looking for one! Right now I really like this one.


Now that you're clean, shaven, and exfoliated it's the perfect time for a quick tan! I always feel like it's a waste to apply my fake tanner if I haven't exfoliated and prepped my skin so this is routine sets me up perfectly for a nice tan. I've been using fake bake flawless lately and love the color. It comes with an applicator mitt so it's pretty much impossible to mess up! It takes about 5 minutes to apply all over and dries quickly. Once it's on, even, and dry, I throw on my pajamas and go to bed! This allows the tan to absorb overnight. The next morning you can just quickly rinse off the guide color and your have a beautiful natural glow. 

Take time, breathe, and relax. You deserve it.