#30dayrefresh Nutrition


I promised you all I would share more information about my nutrition and training as I move through my #30dayrefresh. Here's a little back story about what brought me to where I'm currently at-

In August we made a big move. The entire process, from the first time we considered possibly, maybe, selling our home to actually moving out occurred in just over a month. It was sudden, crazy, and so so fast. We were nomads for a few weeks until we closed on our new house and things were crazy. Our new home needed a paint job in every room and some other minor upgrades which consumed a lot of time. Follow this up with a few trips. Life has been CRAZY. All of this has led to very inconsistent eating for me since about July.  

After I got back from our little hurricane/BBG/ bumming around Florida trip I decided I really needed to just hit the reset button. I just needed to come back to some stability. My nutrition has never been a set thing, it's evolved so much over the past two years. I wanted to play around with something a bit different though so I reached out to @mysteryfitnesscoach (if you don't already follow him, go do it, he's awesome!) and reviewed the macro plan I followed previously and created something new to try. 

I have done macro counting before but my body was pissed. I think the balance and total intake were a bit too harsh for my body at that time and it just wasn't good for me. I started feeling sick, tired, and weak. My training suffered and I couldn't keep it up. It kinda scared me off for a bit. After reading a lot and talking to a few people it really seems like macro ratios are something you have to play around with quite a bit and fine tune for your individual body. It's not a one-size-fits-all deal. So...I'm ready to play the game again.

My goal right now is to get my metabolism burning at a high level and more consistently by eating a lot of good foods and eating them consistently throughout the day. I'm hoping this will keep my energy high as well so I can hit my workouts hard. It's time to grow these little muscles!

I'm going to share with you what my current macro situation looks like, but, this is very specific to my body, my training schedule, and my individual needs. Also, I'm still learning this stuff! I know I'll be adjusting as I go along. I believe it takes a minimum of 4 weeks of consistency to see how a training/nutrition plan change affects you. So, this will be 4 weeks of my life, then I'll adjust a bit, and then proceed with another 4 weeks, until I find what is ideal for me. 

Calories: 1600

Protein(40%): 139g

Fat(30%): 51g

Carbs (30%): 198g

This is a starting point, I'm trying to rev my metabolism back up. I will have to increase/decrease my intake week by week depending on how my body responds. I'm hoping over time I can increase my macros and push up my maintenance calories to a higher number so when I want to try to reduce fat I have the room to do so. It's going to require planning and meal prep as I'm so busy during the week that I don't have time to cook all my meals right before I eat them. Here's an example of a day meeting these macro requirements:

Breakfast: Protein shake in water with PBfit powder

Snack 1: Cottage cheese with fruit

Lunch: Herbed brown rice, steamed veggies, parmesan/almond meal crusted baked chicken breast 

Snack 2: G2G Almond chocolate chip protein bar

Snack 3: Raw veggies

Dinner: Turkey/cottage cheese lasagna

I want to make sure I'm eating enough to allow my body to build muscle and get my metabolism back on track. I will allow myself 1-2 cheats a week so I don't feel deprived on the weekend or if treats make their way into my life, but otherwise I want to keep everything going into my body very clean. After a few weeks eating like this with minor adjustments I'll re-evaluate and add or decrease and I feel I need. So that's it!

I'll keep you updated and let you know how things go over the next 4 weeks! Also, check back soon for my #30dayrefresh training schedule!