It's been a while! I apologize for the long hiatus. With selling our house, finding a new one, being somewhat homeless for a few weeks, and moving and settling in to our new place I had to take a step back and focus on everything going on in my life. But...I'm back!


I've been feeling a bit stagnant the past few months with my progress. Along with that, a lot of big life changes have been going on like moving and my husband finishing his masters. This has changed up our whole dynamic and has forced me to re-evaluate what my goals are and what I intend to do to reach them. I think this is such a great place to be in. It's easy to settle into a routine, go through the motions, and get little benefit out of it. Changing things up, making new plans, and trying new things keeps me motivated and pushing! 


I posted earlier this week on instagram and briefly mentioned I'm doing a #30dayrefresh and invited anyone and everyone who wants to, to join me! I'm really excited about this for myself but also for those getting involved. This little refresh is just a chance for you to look and what your current routine is, evaluate what you could be doing better, and commit to 30 days of following through. These 30-days will be different for everyone and we don't all necessarily have to start at the same time because it's a set period of time. Here's the thing though, I'm betting all of us get to the end of that 30 days and realize these changes make us feel great and they'll be so much closer to being habits. 


With that, I wanted to share a little of my self-evaluation and what #30dayrefesh looks like for me. My refresh involves several aspects of my life and I want to share those in depth with you. So...I'll be putting together a refresh post on what I'm focusing on for nutrition, fitness, and life. I'm really excited to move through this with you and hope it can be something we all come back to month after month as we work toward our best selves.  


If you want to join, here's a few things you can do if you don't know where to start:


1. Break down your life and write out the following

Your routine.  This should include when you wake up, when you go to bed, how well you sleep, when you eat, what you eat, how you feel about your eating, when you cook, when you work, when you work out. 


2. Goal setting

Write down what you really want. It can be anything. A new job, defined shoulders, more energy, better relationships, less stress, etc. These can be long or short term. Really think about what you want, get detailed about it. 


3. Where are you making excuses

Focus on your thoughts as you move through your day. Catch yourself anytime you make an excuse or justification for why you're doing something and write it down. We all have phones on us with a notes app so no skipping this step! It's important! If you're in the middle of pushup and you think "well, I'm not feeling it today I could probably just do 10 reps instead of 15. I mean, they'll be really great form. I probably will get the same benefit out of 10" or if you're rushing to get dinner ready and you think "screw it, we're getting takeout" or if you're thinking about starting something new and decide "no, now is not the time, I should wait until ___________ (fill in the blank) happens before I do that". We do this constantly without even thinking about it. It happens with small decisions and big ones but often has a lot to do with our current comfort zone. Just track it, without judgement, honestly so you can really see where you are currently at. 


4. What's important to me

This one is easy! Who and what are important to you? What makes you happiest? Your boyfriend, husband, kids, dog? Your house? Going to the lake? Running at sunrise? What in your life is worth making sacrifices for? BTW, you better list yourself on this one or we're gonna have to have words.


5. Get real

Now comes the hard part. Now that you have all this down on paper and you've really thought about all that you have going on it's time to take a look at what you can improve, where you are making compromises, and what is going to bring you closer to what really makes you happy.


If you have goals relating to how your want to look or feel about your body, what things in your life might be holding you back. Often times I get in these ruts where I'm like "I dont know what I'm doing wrong, I'm trying so hard!" but I realize I've been justifying skipping cardio and having "just a little" ice cream at night because I'm stressed. Try to see where you might be able to re-commit. 


If you feel your eating isn't quite where it should be, maybe you should try something new. This could be minor tweaks to an existing healthy diet or it could be a full overhaul because whatever you're doing now no longer serves you.


If you have goals relating to jobs, education, or relationships, where are you sabotaging yourself? Are you putting in the time you need to get closer to what you want or those that are important to you? 


The hardest part here is being honest, real, and letting your guard down with yourself so you can really dig into what you want and how you're holding back your own potential. We all get in our own way, we just have to see it and make a plan to move past it.


6. Make a plan


The final step! Yay! So, you know where you're tripping yourself up. Now, take the top 3 things that are most important to you right now, the things you most want to change, and make a plan. What can you change for the next 30 days that will take you out of your comfort zone and push you closer to these goals? Be realistic. If you have more than 3 things, that's great, and you'll have another 30 days, but for now choose 3. What are the 3 things in your life that really deserve a refresh, a new outlook, more focus, and more attention? 


7. Commit


Now that you've done all the work it's time to commit to change for 30 days and really work at these things. This is a place where too many people get stuck. You are not allowed to say you'll start at the beginning of the next week, or next month, or the new year, or after your birthday. You have to start TODAY. Right now. If you wait it's because you're waiting for perfection and expecting perfection and that is not going to happen. I'm going to tell you right now you're not going to be perfect and that is more than fine because you're committed. So, today you might not have all the food you need to adjust your eating but, you can make a point to go grocery shopping, or plan your meals and be prepared for when you can get to the store. If you want to start changing your workouts you might not know right this second what you want to change but you can immediately start researching so you can quickly implement a new plan. Get on this fast! Your 30 days starts right now so you better be making steps toward those goals.


8. Keep me updated and let's stay motivated


I want to see you progress! I want to hear about your struggles and little wins! So, tag me and use #30dayrefresh as you go along so I can see everything you're doing! Not into the whole sharing everything on instagram thing? Send me an eamil at courtneysfitlife@gmail.com, send me a DM, get your friends involved. Mostly, stay motivated and accountable. Let's do this.


I'll  be sharing my goals and experiences in upcoming posts so check back!

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